Chris 'CML' Morris-Lent is an independent writer and screenwriter based in Los Angeles. His work focuses on gaming, esports, and the dark side of the tech industry.


"Bringing Irony to Print and the Internet."

" earthy, crunchy intellectual." —Donnie Wahlberg

" an article on how Popeye's gives me diarrhea. Knowing won't stop me!" —Andy Richter

"Love him or hate him, CML will make you feel." —Travis "Wizard" Woo

Whether breaking into Google’s cafeteria for an undercover scoop and crêpe, winning a Magic: the Gathering tournament in a uniquely altered state, or getting berated on the radio for peeing sitting down, CML’s work always provokes and resonates. With extensive experience in gaming and esports, and a long-term commitment to exposing the tech industry and gentrification in the New Seattle, he has been uniquely successful at bridging the gap between subcultural writing and mainstream writing on subcultures, delighting experts and generalists alike.

By eschewing journalistic shallowness and any pretense of objectivity, CML’s work brings a sense of self and a sense of humor to both print and Internet publications, exciting and refreshing audiences who love to have their views challenged and judgment engaged. His unique voice, well-suited for everything from cultural criticism to gonzo features to books, has come to be recognized for its perspective and persistence.

CML has written nationally for Gawker, Kotaku, The Daily Dot, and more. Locally, his work appears in the Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, CrossCut, and The Stranger. His first book, A Brief History of Magic Cards, is an illustrated romp through modern gaming’s oldest, most influential, and most mysterious franchise, revealing "everything [you] didn’t know [you] needed to know about Magic" (Austin Powell, Daily Dot). Available now online (as an epub and print book) and at select local game stores.


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